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Consider This: Your Turn continued
Part 2: Now that you have looked over your results, did you neglect to include any appliances?
How did you determine the costs you used in your calculations?
2: Analyze Pro t Potential
Part 1: You work as an intern in the college student
services department and have been asked to create
a worksheet that will aid the clubs on campus in
managing their budgets. Each club is allocated money
at the beginning of the year and can hold fund-raisers
to raise more money for events. Each club is required
to save ve percent of their income for use at the start
of the next year. Table 2 – 9 shows the clubs that you
are working with, as well as their initial allocation
and estimated fund-raiser amounts. You will need
to calculate how much they need to save as well as the average, lowest, and highest values for the
clubs’ budgets. Use the concepts and techniques presented in this chapter to create and format the
Part 2: How did you decide on the formula to use for the amount each club needs to save?
Which formats did you use and why? Which theme did you select for your worksheet?
Table 2– 9 Student Club Data
Acting Club
Golf Club
Gaming Club
Math Club
Photography Club
Music Club
3: Internet Service
Research and Collaboration
Part 1: You and your friends have decided to subscribe to a new Internet service provider. You
would like to maximize services while keeping costs low. As a group, research and nd three to ve
Internet service providers in your area. For each company, nd the best service package as well as
the basic service package. Using the cost gures you nd, calculate the cost per month for each
service for a year. Include totals, minimum, maximum, and average values. Use the concepts and
techniques presented in this chapter to create and format the worksheet.
Part 2: Which companies did you choose for your report? Which services offered the best deals
that you would be willing to use?
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