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Introduction to Microsoft Office 2013
Introduction to Microsoft office 2013
Microsoft Of ce 2013 is the newest version of Microsoft office, offering features
that provide users with better functionality and easier ways to work with the various
les they create. These features include enhanced design tools, such as improved
picture formatting tools and new themes, shared notebooks for working in groups,
mobile versions of office apps, broadcast presentations for the web, and a digital
notebook for managing and sharing multimedia information.
Microsoft office 2013 Apps
Microsoft office 2013 includes a wide variety of apps such as Word, PowerPoint,
Excel, Access, Outlook, Publisher, OneNote, InfoPath, SharePoint Workspace, and Lync:
Microsoft Word 2013 , or Word, is a full-featured word processing app that
allows you to create professional-looking documents and revise them easily.
Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 , or PowerPoint, is a complete presentation app
that enables you to produce professional-looking presentations and then deliver
them to an audience.
Microsoft Excel 2013 , or Excel, is a powerful spreadsheet app that allows you
to organize data, complete calculations, make decisions, graph data, develop
professional-looking reports, publish organized data to the web, and access
real-time data from websites.
Microsoft Access 2013 , or Access, is a database management system that
enables you to create a database; add, change, and delete data in the database; ask
questions concerning the data in the database; and create forms and reports using
the data in the database.
Microsoft Outlook 2013 , or Outlook, is a communications and scheduling app
that allows you to manage email accounts, calendars, contacts, and access to other
Internet content.
Microsoft Publisher 2013 , or Publisher, is a desktop publishing app that helps
you create professional-quality publications and marketing materials that can be
shared easily.
Microsoft OneNote 2013 , or OneNote, is a note taking app that allows you to
store and share information in notebooks with other people.
Microsoft InfoPath Designer 2013 , or InfoPath, is a form development app that
helps you create forms for use on the web and gather data from these forms.
Microsoft SharePoint Workspace 2013 , or SharePoint, is a collaboration app that
allows you to access and revise les stored on your computer from other locations.
Microsoft Lync 2013 is a communications app that allows you to use various
modes of communications, such as instant messaging, videoconferencing, and
sharing les and apps.
Microsoft office 2013 Suites
A suite is a collection of individual apps available together as a unit. Microsoft
offers a variety of office suites, including a stand-alone desktop app (boxed software),
Microsoft office 365, and Microsoft office Web Apps. Microsoft Of ce 365 , or
office 365, provides plans that allow organizations to use office in a mobile setting
while also being able to communicate and share les, depending upon the type of plan
selected by the organization. Microsoft Of ce Web Apps , or Web Apps, are apps that
allow you to edit and share les on the web using the familiar office interface. Table 3
on the next page outlines the differences among these office suites.
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