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Running and Using an App
Table 3 office Suites
office 365 Home
office 365 Small
Business Premium
office Home &
office Home &
office Professional
During the office 365 installation, you select a plan, and depending on your plan,
you receive different apps and services. office Web Apps do not require a local installation
and are accessed through SkyDrive and your browser. SkyDrive is a cloud storage service
that provides storage and other services, such as office Web Apps, to computer users.
How do you sign up for a SkyDrive account?
Use your browser to navigate to
Create a Microsoft account by tapping or clicking the ‘Sign up now’ link (or a similar link) and then entering your information
to create the account.
Sign in to SkyDrive using your new account or use it in Excel to save your les on SkyDrive.
Apps in a suite, such as Microsoft office, typically use a similar interface and
share features. Once you are comfortable working with the elements and the interface
and performing tasks in one app, the similarity can help you apply the knowledge and
skills you have learned to another app(s) in the suite. For example, the process for saving
a le in Excel is the same in Word, PowerPoint, and the other office apps. While briey
showing how to use Excel, this chapter illustrates some of the common functions across
the office apps and identies the characteristics unique to Excel.
Running and Using an App
To use an app, such as Excel, you must instruct the operating system to run the app. Windows
provides many different ways to run an app, one of which is presented in this section (other
ways to run an app are presented throughout this chapter). After an app is running, you can
use it to perform a variety of tasks. The following pages use Excel to discuss some elements of
the office interface and to perform tasks that are common to other office apps.
Excel is a powerful spreadsheet app that allows users to organize data, complete
calculations, make decisions, graph data, develop professional-looking reports
(Figure 6), publish organized data to the web, and access real-time data from websites.
The four major parts of Excel are as follows:
Workbooks and worksheets : A workbook is like a notebook. Inside the
workbook are sheets, each of which is called a worksheet. Thus, a workbook is
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