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Running and Using an App
Tap or click the Excel 2013 tile to run the Excel app and display the Excel start screen (Figure 8).
Excel start screen
Excel app is
running in desktop
Blank workbook
Figure 8
Tap or click the Blank workbook thumbnail on the Excel start screen to create a blank Excel workbook in the Excel
window (Figure 9).
What happens when you run an app?
Some apps provide a means for you to create a blank le, as shown in Figure 8; others immediately display
a blank le in an app window, such as the Excel window shown in Figure 9. A window is a rectangular area that
displays data and information. The top of a window has a title bar , which is a horizontal space that contains the
window’s name.
Excel window
Maximize button
Recycle Bin
title bar
Help button
Close button
closes an
open window
blank workbook
pinned app
buttons always
are displayed
on taskbar
Windows taskbar
displays Excel app
button, indicating
Excel is running
Touch Keyboard
icon displays
on-screen keyboard
Figure 9
Other Ways
1. Tap or click Search charm on Charms bar, type app name in search
box, tap or click app name in results list
2. Double-tap or double-click le created in app you want to run
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