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Saving and Organizing Files
If it is not already the active cell, tap or click cell
A1 to make it the active cell (Figure 31).
What if I make an error while typing?
You can press the BACKSPACE key until you have
deleted the text in error and then retype the
text correctly.
heavy border
indicates cell
A1 selected
Figure 31
Type Inverstonit Electronics in cell
A1 (Figure 32).
Why did the appearance of the formula bar
Excel displays the title in the formula bar and
in cell A1. When you begin typing a cell entry,
Excel displays two additional boxes in the
formula bar: the Cancel box and the Enter box.
Tapping or clicking the Enter box completes an
entry. Tapping or clicking the Cancel box cancels
an entry.
text displayed
in formula bar
insertion point
text in active cell
overows into adjacent
cells on the right
Figure 32
Tap or click the Enter box to complete the
entry and enter the worksheet title in cell A1
(Figure 33).
Why do some commands on the ribbon appear
Excel dims the commands that are unavailable
for use at the current time.
Cancel box
Enter box
text entered
into cell A1
Figure 33
Other Ways
1. To complete entry, tap or click any cell other than
active cell
2. To complete entry, press ENTER, HOME, PAGE UP, PAGE DOWN, END, UP ARROW,
Saving and Organizing Files
File Type
Depending on your
Windows settings, the le
type .xlsx may be displayed
immediately to the right of
the le name after you save
the le. The le type .xlsx is
an Excel 2013 workbook.
While you are creating a workbook, the computer stores it in memory. When you save
a workbook, the computer places it on a storage medium such as a hard disk, solid-state
drive (SSD), USB ash drive, or optical disc. The storage medium can be permanent in
your computer, may be portable where you remove it from your computer, or may be
on a web server you access through a network or the Internet.
A saved workbook is referred to as a le. A le name is the name assigned to a
le when it is saved. When saving les, you should organize them so that you easily can
nd them later. Windows provides tools to help you organize les.
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