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Saving and Organizing Files
Backstage view
Tap or click the Save button (shown
in Figure 45 on the previous page)
on the Quick Access Toolbar, which
depending on settings, will display
either the Save As gallery in the
Backstage view (Figure 46) or the
Save As dialog box (Figure 47).
Back button
Save As tab
What is the Backstage view?
The Backstage view contains a
set of commands that enable you
to manage documents and data
about the documents.
right pane of Save As
gallery automatically
displays options related to
saving on your computer
Browse button
Save As
What if the Save As gallery is not
displayed in the Backstage view?
Tap or click the Save As tab to display the Save As gallery.
Figure 46
How do I close the Backstage view?
Tap or click the Back button in the upper-left corner of the Backstage view to return to the Excel window.
Save As
dialog box
If your screen displays the Backstage
view, tap or click Computer, if
necessary, to display options in the
right pane related to saving on your
computer; if your screen already
displays the Save As dialog box,
proceed to Step 3.
pane (your list
may differ)
What if I wanted to save on
SkyDrive instead?
You would tap or click SkyDrive.
Saving on SkyDrive is discussed in
a later section in this chapter.
default le name is Book1
Tap or click the Browse button in
the right pane to display the Save
As dialog box (Figure 47).
default le type
is Excel Workbook
details pane
shows le
Figure 47
Type Inverstonit Electronics in the
File name box (Save As dialog box) to change
the le name. Do not press the ENTER key after
typing the le name because you do not want
to close the dialog box at this time (Figure 48).
new le name replaces
highlighted text in File
name box
What characters can I use in a le name?
The only invalid characters are the backslash ( \ ), slash ( / ), colon (:),
asterisk (*), question mark (?), quotation mark (“), less than symbol (<), greater than symbol (>), and vertical bar (|).
Figure 48
Navigate to the desired save location (in this case, the Excel folder in the CIS 101 folder [or your class folder] in the
My Documents folder in the Documents library) by performing the tasks in Steps 4a and 4b.
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