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Saving and Organizing Files
Tap or click the Save As tab in the
Backstage view to display the Save
As gallery.
Tap or click SkyDrive to display
SkyDrive saving options or a Sign
In button, if you are not signed in
already to your Microsoft account
(Figure 55).
‘Add a Place’
What if my Save As gallery does
not display SkyDrive as a save
Tap or click ‘Add a Place’ and
proceed to Step 3.
Save As tab
Save As
Sign In button
Figure 55
If your screen displays a Next button,
enter your email address and then
tap or click the Next button.
If your screen displays a Sign in
button, tap or click it to display
the Sign in dialog box (Figure 56).
Sign in
dialog box
user name and
password text boxes
What if the Sign in button does
not appear?
If you already are signed into your
Microsoft account, the Sign in
button will not be displayed. In
this case, proceed to Step 5.
Sign in button
Figure 56
Type your Microsoft account user
name and password in the text
boxes and then tap or click the
Sign in button (Sign in dialog box)
to sign in to SkyDrive.
user signed in
info is displayed
Tap or click your SkyDrive to select
your SkyDrive as the storage
location (Figure 57).
right pane of Save As
gallery automatically
displays SkyDrive
storage locations
Browse button
Figure 57
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