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Saving and Organizing Files
Tap or click the Browse button to
contact the SkyDrive server (which
may take some time, depending
on the speed of your Internet
connection). The Save As dialog
box will be displayed (Figure 58).
Save As dialog box
folder name refers
to location on
Why does the path in the address
bar contain various letters and
The letters and numbers in the
address bar uniquely identify the
location of your SkyDrive les and
le name automatically entered
Save button
Tap or click the Save button (Save
As dialog box) to save the le on
Figure 58
To Sign Out of a Microsoft Account
If you are using a public computer or otherwise want to sign out of your Microsoft
account, you should sign out of the account from the Accounts gallery in the Backstage
view. Signing out of the account is the safest way to make sure that nobody else can
access online les or settings stored in your Microsoft account. Why? For security reasons,
you should sign out of your Microsoft account when you are nished using a public or shared
computer. Staying signed in to your Microsoft account might enable others to access your les.
The following steps sign out of a Microsoft account from Excel. You would use
the same steps in any office app. If you do not want to sign out of your Microsoft
account, read these steps without performing them.
Tap or click FILE on the ribbon to open the Backstage view.
Tap or click the Account tab to display the Account gallery (Figure 59).
Tap or click the Sign out link, which displays the Remove Account dialog box. If a Can’t
remove Windows accounts dialog box appears instead of the Remove Account dialog
box, click the OK button and skip the remaining steps.
Why does a Can’t remove Windows accounts dialog box appear?
If you signed in to Windows using your Microsoft account, then you also must sign
out from Windows, rather than signing out from within Excel. When you are nished
using Windows, be sure to sign out at that time.
Tap or click the Yes button (Remove Account dialog box) to sign out of your Microsoft
account on this computer.
Should I sign out of Windows after removing my Microsoft account?
When you are nished using the computer, you should sign out of Windows for
maximum security.
Tap or click the Back button in the upper-left corner of the Backstage view to return
to the workbook.
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