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Figure 59
Screen Resolution
Screen resolution indicates the number of pixels (dots) that the computer uses to
display the letters, numbers, graphics, and background you see on the screen. When you
increase the screen resolution, Windows displays more information on the screen, but the
information decreases in size. The reverse also is true: as you decrease the screen resolution,
Windows displays less information on the screen, but the information increases in size.
Screen resolution usually is stated as the product of two numbers, such as
1366 3 768 (pronounced “thirteen sixty-six by seven sixty-eight”). A 1366 3 768 screen
resolution results in a display of 1366 distinct pixels on each of 768 lines, or about
1,050,624 pixels. Changing the screen resolution affects how the ribbon appears in
office apps and some Windows dialog boxes. Figure 60, for example, shows the Excel
ribbon at screen resolutions of 1366 3 768 and 1024 3 768. All of the same commands
are available regardless of screen resolution. The app (Excel, in this case), however,
makes changes to the groups and the buttons within the groups to accommodate the
various screen resolutions. The result is that certain commands may need to be accessed
differently depending on the resolution chosen. A command that is visible on the ribbon
and available by tapping or clicking a button at one resolution may not be visible and
may need to be accessed using its Dialog Box Launcher at a different resolution.
Comparing the two ribbons in Figure 60, notice the changes in content and layout
of the groups and galleries. In some cases, the content of a group is the same in each
resolution, but the layout of the group differs. For example, the same gallery and buttons
appear in the Styles groups in the two resolutions, but the layouts differ. In other cases,
the content and layout are the same across the resolution, but the level of detail differs
with the resolution.
all Styles, Cells, and Editing
group commands visible
names visible in
Clipboard group
(a) Ribbon at 1366 X 768 Resolution
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