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Additional Common Features of Office Apps
Tap or click the Blank workbook thumbnail in the New gallery to create a new workbook (Figure 75).
new workbook
layered taskbar button
indicates that multiple
app windows are open
Figure 75
Other Ways
1. Press CTRL + N
To Enter a Worksheet Title
The next Excel workbook will include a title for the new worksheet that will
show a sales analysis. The following steps enter a worksheet title.
If it is not already the active cell, tap or click cell A1 to make it the active cell.
Type Inverstonit Electronics Sales Analysis in cell A1.
Tap or click the Enter box to complete the entry and enter the worksheet title in
cell A1 (Figure 76).
Save button
FILE tab
worksheet title
entered in cell A1
Figure 76
To Save a File in a Folder
the Ribbon
In addition to customizing
the Quick Access Toolbar,
you can add items to
and remove items from
the ribbon. To customize
the ribbon, click FILE on the
ribbon to open the Backstage
view, click Options in the
Backstage view, and then
click Customize Ribbon in
the left pane of the Options
dialog box.
The following steps save the second workbook in the Excel folder in the class
folder (CIS 101, in this case) in the My Documents folder in the Documents library
using the le name, Inverstonit Electronics Sales Analysis.
Tap or click the Save button on the Quick Access Toolbar (shown in Figure 76), which
depending on settings will display either the Save As gallery in the Backstage view or
the Save As dialog box.
If your screen displays the Backstage view, tap or click Computer, if necessary, to
display options in the right pane related to saving on your computer; if your screen
already displays the Save As dialog box, proceed to Step 4.
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