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Additional Common Features of Office Apps
Tap or click the Save button
on the Quick Access Toolbar to
overwrite the previously saved
le (Inverstonit Electronics
Expenditures, in this case) in the
Excel folder (Figure 84).
Save button
Excel saved workbook
with same le name,
Inverstonit Electronics
FILE tab
Figure 84
Other Ways
1. Press CTRL + S or press SHIFT + F12
To Save a File with a New File Name
You might want to save a le with a different name or to a different location. For
example, you might start a homework assignment with a data le and then save it with
a nail le name for submission to your instructor, saving it to a location designated by
your instructor. The following steps save a le with a different le name.
Tap or click the FILE tab to open the Backstage view.
Tap or click the Save As tab to display the Save As gallery.
If necessary, tap or click Computer to display options in the right pane related to
saving on your computer.
Tap or click the Browse button in the right pane to display the Save As dialog box.
Type Inverstonit Electronics Income and Expenses in the File name
box (Save As dialog box) to change the le name. Do not press the ENTER key after
typing the le name because you do not want to close the dialog box at this time.
If necessary, navigate to the desired save location (in this case, the Excel folder in the
CIS 101 folder [or your class folder] in the My Documents folder in the Documents
library). For specic instructions, perform the tasks in Steps 4a and 4b on page OFF 31.
Tap or click the Save button (Save As dialog box) to save the document in the selected
folder on the selected drive with the entered le name.
To Exit an office App
You are nished using Excel. The following steps exit Excel. You would use
similar steps to exit other office apps.
Because you have multiple Excel workbooks open, press and hold or right-click the
app button on the taskbar and then tap or click ‘Close all windows’ on the shortcut
menu to close all open workbooks and exit Excel.
If a dialog box appears, tap or click the Save button to save any changes made to the
le since the last save.
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