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Apply Your Knowledge
4. Determine what content to present to your audience.
a) Write three or four major ideas you want an audience member to remember after reading or viewing
your project.
b) Envision your project’s endpoint, the key fact you want to emphasize, so that all project elements lead to
this nail element.
c) Determine relevant time factors, such as the length of time to develop the project, how long readers will
spend reviewing your project, or the amount of time allocated for your speaking engagement.
d) Decide whether a graph, photo, or artistic element can express or enhance a particular concept.
e) Be mindful of the order in which you plan to present the content, and place the most important material
at the top or bottom of the page, because readers and audience members generally remember the rst
and last pieces of information they see and hear.
How should you submit solutions to questions in the assignments identied with a symbol?
Every assignment in this topic contains one or more questions identied with a symbol. These questions require
you to think beyond the assigned le. Present your solutions to the questions in the format required by your
instructor. Possible formats may include one or more of these options: write the answer; create a document that
contains the answer; present your answer to the class; discuss your answer in a group; record the answer as audio
or video using a webcam, smartphone, or portable media player; or post answers on a blog, wiki, or website.
Apply Your Knowledge
Reinforce the skills and apply the concepts you learned in this chapter.
Creating a Folder and a Workbook
Yo u w i l l c r e a t e a f o l d e r a n d t h e n c r e a t e a n E x c e l w o r k b o o k a n d s a v e i t i n t h e f o l d e r.
Perform the following tasks:
1. Open the File Explorer window and then double-tap or double-click to open the Documents
2. Tap or click the New folder button on the File Explorer
Quick Access Toolbar to display a new folder icon and text
box for the folder name.
3. Ty p e Excel in the text box to name the folder. Press the
key to create the folder in the Documents library.
4. Run Excel.
5. Enter the text shown in Figure 101 in a new blank
6. If requested by your instructor, enter your name in the
Excel workbook.
7. Ta p o r c l i c k t h e S a v e b u t t o n o n t h e E x c e l Q u i c k A c c e s s To o l b a r .
Navigate to the Excel folder in the Documents library and then
save the workbook using the le name, Apply 1 Budget.
8. If your Quick Access Toolbar does not show the Quick
Print button, add the Quick Print button to the Quick
Access Toolbar. Print the document using the Quick
Print button on the Quick Access Toolbar. When you are
nished printing, remove the Quick Print button from the Quick Access Toolbar.
9. Submit the printout to your instructor.
10. Exit Excel.
Quick Print button
Figure 101
What other commands might you nd useful to include on the Quick Access Toolbar?
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