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In the Lab 1: Creating Folders for a Video Store
In the Labs
Use the guidelines, concepts, and skills presented in this chapter to increase your
knowledge of Windows 8 and Excel 2013. Labs 1 and 2, which increase in difculty,
require you to create solutions based on what you learned in the chapter; Lab 3 requires
you to create a solution, which uses cloud and web technologies, by learning and
investigating on your own from general guidance.
Lab 1: Creating Folders for a Video Store
Problem: Your friend works for Ebaird Video. He would like to organize his les in relation to the
types of videos available in the store. He has six main categories: drama, action, romance, foreign,
biographical, and comedy. You are to create a folder structure similar to Figure 104.
Instructions: Perform the following tasks:
1. Insert a USB ash drive
in an available USB port
and then open the USB
ash drive window.
2. Create the main folder
for Ebaird Video.
3. Navigate to the Ebaird
Video folder.
4. Within the Ebaird
Video folder, create
a folder for each of
the following: Drama,
Action, Romance,
Foreign, Biographical,
and Comedy.
5. Within the Action folder, create two additional
folders, one for Science Fiction and the second for Western.
6. If requested by your instructor, add another folder using your last name as the folder name.
7. Submit the assignment in the format specied by your instructor.
Figure 104
Think about how you use your computer for various tasks (consider personal, professional,
and academic reasons). What folders do you think will be required on your computer to store
the les you save?
Lab 2: Saving Files in Folders
Problem: You are taking a class that requires you to complete three Excel chapters. You will save the
work completed in each chapter in a different folder (Figure 105).
Instructions: Perform the following tasks:
1. Create an Excel workbook containing the text, First
Excel Chapter.
2. In the Backstage view, tap or click Save As and then tap or
click Computer.
3. Tap or click the Browse button to display the Save As
dialog box.
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Figure 105
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