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Introduction to Office 365
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Introduction to Of ce 365
Microsoft office 365 uses the cloud to deliver a subscription-based service offering the
newest office suite and much more. The Microsoft cloud provides office software and
information stored on remote servers all over the world. Your documents are located
online or on the cloud, which provides you access to your information anywhere using
a PC, Mac, tablet, mobile phone, or other device with an Internet connection. For
businesses and students alike, office 365 offers signicant cost savings compared to the
traditional cost of purchasing Microsoft office 2013. In addition to the core desktop
office suite, office 365 provides access to email, calendars, conferencing, le sharing,
and website design, which sync across multiple devices.
Cloud Computing
Cloud computing refers to a collection of computer servers that house
resources users access through the Internet (Figure 1). These resources include email
messages, schedules, music, photos, videos, games, websites, programs, apps, servers,
storage, and more. Instead of accessing these resources on your computer or mobile
device, you access them on the cloud.
Figure 1
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