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What Is Office 365?
Cloud computing can help businesses be more efcient and save them money by
shifting usage and the consumption of resources, such as servers and programs, from
a local environment to the Internet. For example, an employee working during the
day in California could use computing resources located in an office in London that is
closed for the evening. When the company in California uses the computing resources,
it pays a fee that is based on the amount of computing time and other resources it
consumes, much in the same way that consumers pay utility companies for the amount
of electricity they use.
Cloud computing is changing how users access and pay for software applications.
Fading fast are the days when software packages were sold in boxes at a physical
store location with a one-time purchase software license fee. Instead, the new pricing
structure is a subscription-based model, where users pay a monthly or annual fee for
the software that you can use on multiple devices. The cloud-based office 365 offers
the office suite with added features that allow you to communicate and collaborate
with others in real time.
When you create a free Microsoft account, do you get free cloud storage space?
Yes, when you create a free Microsoft account at, you have access to 7 GB of cloud
storage for any type of les.
What Is Of ce 365?
office 365 ( is a collection of programs and services, which
includes the Microsoft office 2013 suite, le storage, online collaboration, and
le synchronization, as shown in Figure 2 on the next page. You can access these
services using your computer, browser, or supported mobile device. For example, a
business has two options for providing office to their employees. A business could
purchase office 2013 and install the software on company computers and servers;
however, this traditional office 2013 package with perpetual licensing does not
include the communication and collaboration tools. Employees could not access
the office software if they were not using their work computers. In contrast, if
the business purchases a monthly subscription to office 365, each employee has
access to the office suite on up to ve different computers, whether at home
or work; company-wide email; web conferencing; website creation capabilities;
cloud storage; and shared les. For a lower price, office 365 provides many more
features. In addition, a business may prefer a subscription plan with predictable
monthly costs and no up-front infrastructure costs.
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