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First Look at Office 365
The Microsoft office 365 Business Plans can provide full support for employees
to work from any location, whether they are in their traditional business office,
commuting to and from work across the country, or working from a home office.
office 365 small business plans (Small Business and Small Business Premium) are best
for companies with up to 10 employees, but can accommodate up to 25 users. office
365 Midsize Business accommodates from 11 to 300 users. office 365 Enterprise Plan
ts organizations ranging in size from a single employee to 50,000-plus users. Each
employee can install Microsoft office 365 on ve different computers.
First Look at Of ce 365
Microsoft office 365 subscription plans offer all the same applications that are
available in the Microsoft office Professional 2013 suite in addition to multiple
communication and collaboration tools. With office 365 you can retrieve, edit, and
save office documents on the office 365 cloud, coauthor documents in real time
with others, and quickly initiate computer-based calls, instant messages, and web
conferences with others.
Productivity Tools
Whether you are inserting audio and video into a Word document to create a
high-impact business plan proposal or utilizing the visualization tools in Excel to chart
the return on investment of a new mobile marketing program, office 365 premium plans
deliver the full office product with the same features as the latest version of Microsoft
office. office 365 uses a quick-start installation technology, called Click-to-Run , that
downloads and installs the basics within minutes, so that users are able to start working
almost immediately. It also includes Of ce on Demand , which streams office to
Windows 7- and Windows 8-based PCs for work performed on public computers.
The single-use copy that is installed temporarily on the Windows computer does not
count toward the device limit. No installation is necessary when using office on Demand,
and the applications disappear from the computer once you are nished using them. If
you have a document on a USB drive or on SkyDrive that you need to edit on another
PC, you can use office on Demand to get the full version of Word in just a few minutes.
In effect, the office 365 subscription provides access to the full office
applications wherever you are working. When you access your ofce 365 account
management panel, three choices are listed: 32- and 64-bit versions of office 2013, and
office for Mac. Selecting the third option will initiate a download of an installer that
must be run in the standard OS X fashion. When you install ofce 365 on a Mac, the
most current Mac version of office is installed.
Unlike Google, which offers online documents, spreadsheets, and presentations called Google
Docs, Microsoft Of ce 365 installs locally on your computer in addition to being available online.
Google Docs is entirely browser based, which means if you are not connected to the Internet,
you cannot access your Google Docs les.
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