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First Look at Office 365
Email and Calendars
In business, sharing information is essential to meeting the needs of your
customers and staff. office 365 offers shared access to business email, calendars, and
contacts using Exchange Online from a computer, tablet, phone, and browser. The
cloud-based Exchange Online enables business people to access Outlook information
from anywhere at any time, while eliminating the cost of purchasing and maintaining
servers to store data. If you need to meet with a colleague about a new project, you
can compare calendars to view availability, conrm conference room availability,
share project contacts, search email messages related to the project, and send email
invitations to the project meeting. Exchange Online also allows you to search and
access your company’s address list.
Online Meetings
When you are working with a team on a project that
requires interaction, email and text communications can slow the
communications process. Microsoft Lync connects you with others
by facilitating real-time, interactive presentations and meetings
over the Internet using both video and audio calling. As shown in
Figure 3, you can conduct an online meeting with a team member
or customer that includes an instant messaging conversation, audio,
high-denition video, virtual whiteboards, and screen sharing. If the
customer does not have an office 365 subscription, they still can
join the meeting through the invitation link, which runs the Lync
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Skype is another tool in the office 365 subscription, which
enables users to place video calls to computers and smartphones
and voice calls to landlines. Skype also supports instant message
and le sharing to computers and mobile devices. While Skype may
be adequate for simple communication, Lync provides for more
robust, comprehensive communications. These robust features
include high-denition (HD) videoconferencing capabilities, a
whiteboard, and a larger audience. Using Lync, meeting attendees
simultaneously can view up to ve participants’ video, identify the
active speaker, and associate names with faces. Lync supports up to
250 attendees per meeting. Unlike Skype, Lync meetings can be
recorded for replaying at a later time. This enables businesses and
schools to schedule meetings or organize online classes using Lync
Lync communications
File Sharing
office 365 includes a team site, which is a password-protected
portal that supports sharing of large, difcult-to-email les and
provides a single location for the latest versions of documents. In
business, for example, colleagues working on common projects can
save valuable time by being able to access instantly the latest master
copy of each document. Security can be managed through different
Figure 3
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