Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
levels of user access so that users see only what they are supposed to see. office 365
provides access to shared les using the cloud, making writing, editing, and sharing
documents easier. If a construction company creates a commercial bid for a building
project, the customers can be invited to view an Excel spreadsheet bid, construction
timetable with a shared calendar, and an Access database of all the materials needed
using the le sharing feature online.
Website Creation
office 365 business plan subscriptions include a built-in hosted public website,
where customers and clients can nd an online storefront of a company. This public
website, called the Website, can be customized to market a company by using various
templates within the office 365 cloud. The website creation tools include those for
adding a theme, graphics, fonts, maps, directions, blogs, stock tickers, slide shows,
PayPal, weather, and videos to interact with the website’s visitors.
office 365 subscription plans provide a central place to store and access your
documents and business information. A feature of office 365 ensures the original
and backup computer les in two or more locations are identical through a process
called Active Directory Synchronization . For example, if you open a PowerPoint
presentation on your smartphone while you are riding a city bus and then add a new
slide as you head to school, the PowerPoint presentation automatically is synced with
office 365. When you arrive on campus and open the PowerPoint presentation on a
school computer, your new slide already is part of the nished slide show. By storing
your les in office 365, you can access your les on another computer if your home
computer fails, with no loss of time or important information. When using your
mobile phone’s data plan, you do not need to search for a Wi-Fi hot spot to connect
to the office 365 cloud. Computer labs in schools can be congured to synchronize
automatically all student les to office 365 online.
Multiple Device Access to Of ce 365
With a single sign-in process, office 365 provides access to multiple computers
and mobile devices, including Android smartphones and tablets, Apple iPhones and
iPads, Windows phones, and Blackberry phones. After you congure your devices’
email settings, you can view your Microsoft account calendar, contacts, and email. Your
personalized settings, preferences, and documents can be synchronized among all the
different devices included in your office 365 premium subscription. With the mobility
of office 365, students and employees can work anywhere, accessing information and
responding to email requests immediately. If you lose your phone, office 365 includes
a feature that allows you to remotely wipe your phone clean of any data. By wiping
your phone’s data, you can prevent any unauthorized access to sensitive information,
such as your banking information, passwords, and contacts, as well as discourage
identity theft. Because your phone contacts and other information are stored on the
Microsoft cloud, damaged or lost equipment is never a problem.
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