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Teams Using Office 365 in Business
Email Communication Using Exchange
office 365 includes Exchange Online, an email-based collaborative
communications server for business. Exchange enables employees to be more
productive by effectively managing email across multiple devices and facilitating
Collaboration Using SharePoint
SharePoint Online, a part of office 365 subscription plans, allows employees to
collaborate with one another, share documents, post announcements, and track tasks,
as shown in Table 2.
Table 2 Of ce 365 SharePoint Features
Team Site Feature
Track important dates
Shared Document Library
Store related documents according to topic; picture, report, and slide
libraries often are included
Task List
Track team tasks according to who is responsible for completion
Team Discussion Board
Discuss the topics at hand in an open forum
Contacts List
Share contact lists of employees, customers, contractors, and suppliers
office 365 provides the tools to plan meetings. Users can share calendars side
by side, view availability, and suggest meeting times from shared calendars. Typically,
a SharePoint team administrator or website owner establishes a folder structure to
share and manage documents. The team website is fully searchable online, making
locating and sharing data more efcient than using a local server. With a team website,
everyone on the team has a central location to store and nd all the information for a
project, client, or department, as shown in Figure 5.
shared les
Figure 5
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