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Teams Using Office 365 in Business
add more
contacts to
video conferencing
Figure 7
Lync allows you to connect with staff at remote locations using instant messaging
capabilities, desktop sharing, videoconferencing, and shared agendas or documents. Lync
is integrated into office 365, which allows staff to start communicating from within the
applications in which they currently are working. For example, while an employee is
creating a PowerPoint presentation for a new product line, as shown in Figure 8, Lync
enables him or her to collaborate with the entire team about the details of the product
presentation. The team can view the presenter’s screen displaying the PowerPoint
presentation. The presenter can share control with any member of the team and can share
his or her screen at any time during the Lync meeting.
button allows you
to request control
of presentation
PowerPoint 2013
presentation is
shared during
Lync meeting
Jacob is sharing
his desktop with
his team
Figure 8
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