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Teams Using Office 365 in Business
Users can send a Lync meeting request to schedule a team meeting, or an
impromptu conversation can be started immediately using the Meet Now feature.
Participants receive a Lync meeting request link via an email message, and when
they click the meeting request link, Lync automatically connects them to the
online conference. If the participant does not have Lync installed, the Lync Web
App automatically connects to the Lync meeting through the user’s PC or Mac
OS X browser. If a participant is away from his or her computer, he or she still can
participate using the Lync Mobile apps for Windows Phone, iOS, and Android.
As shown in Figure 9, Lync utilizes instant messaging (IM), allowing two or
more people to share text messages. They can communicate in real time, similar
to a voice conversation. In addition to a simple instant message, Lync provides a
feature called persistent chat , which allows end-users to participate in a working
session of instant messages that is persistent or sustained over a specified amount
of time in a moderated chat room. Consider having an instant messaging session
with a group of colleagues in different parts of your organization, regardless
of geographic region, where you all are working on the same project. Over the
course of the project, different people post questions and concerns, and others are
able to respond to all those who have subscribed to your topic or been admitted
to the chat room. Instead of a long trail of email messages, a team can keep
information in a controlled environment with a full history of the discussion in
one location.
Figure 9
Lync also delivers support for full high-denition (HD) videoconferencing,
so that a team can have a clear view of the participants, products, and demos.
Before you join the video feed, you can preview your video feed to make sure your
video camera is at the correct angle, your image is centered within the video frame,
and that your room lighting provides for a clear image. The Lync preview option
is important in creating a positive rst impression over video. Your audio devices
can be tested for clarity to make sure your headset, microphone, and speakers are
functioning properly.
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