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Chapter Summary
Chapter Summary
In this chapter, you have learned how to subscribe to office 365, which provides local and online
access to office applications, email, document sharing, web conferencing, and business websites.
You also learned how a business can utilize office 365 features on the cloud to facilitate teamwork.
Finally, you learned about the features of SharePoint and Lync, which provide collaboration and
communications for business teams using office 365.
Consider This: Your Turn
Apply your creative thinking and problem solving skills to design and implement a solution.
1: Comparing Of ce 365 Personal Plans
Part 1: You are a freshman in college living at home with your family. You are considering if it
would be a better value to subscribe to office 365 University or office 365 Home Premium. Write
a one-page document comparing the pros and cons of the two subscription plans. Research the
different subscriptions in detail at Submit your assignment in the format specied
by your instructor.
Part 2: Which type of computer and/or devices would you use with your office 365
subscription? If you are at a friend’s home that does not have office 365, how could you access your
office les if you do not have your computer or mobile device with you?
2: Upgrading a Local Business to Of ce 365
Part 1: You are an employee at Impact Digital Marketing, a small marketing rm with 12
employees. The rm is setting up an office 365 Small Business subscription next week, and you
need to compose an email message with multiple paragraphs to explain the features of this new
subscription plan to the members of your rm. Research the office 365 Small Business
subscription plan in detail at, and compile your ndings in an email message. Submit your
assignment in the format specied by your instructor.
Part 2: Give three examples of how a marketing rm could use Lync. How could a marketing
rm use the SharePoint Websites feature?
3: Conducting a Lync Meeting
Research and Collaboration
* Students need an office 365 subscription to complete the following assignment.
Part 1: Using your office 365 subscription, conduct a meeting using Lync. Working with a
partner, use your office 365 subscription to research how to use Lync. Then, conduct a 15-minute
Lync meeting, including instant messaging, to discuss the features of Lync. Use the concepts and
techniques presented in this chapter to create the Lync meeting. Submit your assignment in the
format specied by your instructor.
When using Lync in business, when would the video feature best be utilized?
Part 2:
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