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The Forms Toolbar
figurE 13-3
The most commonly used Forms control is the button. When you use a button, you have a
macro in mind that you have either already written or will write, which will be attached to
the button. The following steps are a common sequence of actions that you will take when
using a Forms button:
Create the macro that will be attached to the button.
Suppose you are negotiating rents, and you need to
frequently clear the range C4:F4 on a company
budget sheet. The macro you’d write is
Sub DeleteData()
End Sub
To make it easy to run that macro, you can assign it
to a Forms button. On the Forms toolbar, click the
Button icon. Press down your mouse’s left button,
then draw the button into cell B4. As soon as you
do, the Assign Macro dialog box appears, as shown
in Figure 13-4.
Select the macro to be assigned to the button, and click OK.
figurE 13-4
With your new button selected, click it and delete the entire default caption. Type the caption
Clear Cells as shown in Figure 13-5.
Select any worksheet cell to deselect the button. Click the button to verify that it clears the
cells in range of C4:F4, as expected.
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