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The Control Toolbox
The control Toolbox
Similar to the Forms toolbar, the Control Toolbox can be accessed in versions prior to Excel 2007
from the worksheet menu bar. Click View Toolbars Control Toolbox, as shown in Figure 13-8.
The Control Toolbox itself is shown in Figure 13-9.
Toggle Button
Scroll Bar
Command Button
List Box
Design Mode
Text Box
Check Box
Option Button
Combo Box
Spin Button
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figurE 13-8
figurE 13-9
If you are using version 2007 or 2010, the Forms and ActiveX controls are
found by clicking the Insert icon on the Developer tab of the Ribbon, as shown
in Figure 13-3.
More than 100 additional ActiveX controls beyond what you see on the Control Toolbox are
available. You might notice an icon named More Controls at the far right of the Control Toolbox
toolbar, and in the lower-right corner of the
Insert icon in Excel 2007 and 2010.
That icon is pointed to in Figure 13-10,
and when expanded, reveals the
additional ActiveX controls available for you
to embed, as indicated in Figure 13-11.
figurE 13-10
figurE 13-11
The odds are you’ll never need most of those controls, but it gives you a sense of
how much more functionality is available with ActiveX objects.
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