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The Control Toolbox
The ActiveX CommandButton is the counterpart to the Forms control button. As with
virtually every ActiveX object, the CommandButton has numerous properties through which you can
customize its appearance. Unlike Forms controls, an ActiveX object such as a CommandButton
responds to event code. There is no such thing as a macro being attached to a CommandButton.
From the Control Toolbox, draw a CommandButton onto your worksheet. Excel defaults to Design
Mode, allowing you to work with the ActiveX object you just created. Right-click the CommandButton
and select Properties, as shown in Figure 13-12. You can see the Design Mode icon is active.
figurEĀ 13-12
You will see the Properties window for the CommandButton, where you can modify a number of
properties. Change the Caption property of the CommandButton to CheckBox Checker , as shown
in Figure 13-13.
figurEĀ 13-13
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