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The Control Toolbox
End If
Next xObj
‘Advise the user of your findings.
If intCounter = 0 Then
MsgBox _
“There were no CheckBoxes selected.”, , _
“Try to get out more often!”
MsgBox _
“You selected “ & intCounter & “ CheckBox(es):” _
& vbCrLf & vbCrLf & _
strObj, , “Here is what you checked:”
End If
End Sub
Leave the VBE and return to the worksheet by pressing the Alt+Q keys. Click the Design Mode
button to exit Design Mode. Figure 13-15 shows where the Design Mode icon is on the Developer tab.
figurE 13-15
With Design Mode now off, you can test the Click event code for the ActiveX CommandButton.
Figure 13-16 shows an example of the confirming Message Box when you click the
figurE 13-16
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