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With range B6:G18 currently selected, right-click anywhere in the selection, select Format
Cells, and click the Number tab in the Format Cells dialog box. In the category pane select
Currency, set Decimal Places to 0, and click OK as indicated in Figure 13-22. Your final
result will resemble Figure 13-23, with different numbers because they were produced with
the RAND function, but all good enough for this lesson.
figurE 13-22
figurE 13-23
The task at hand is to create a macro that will be attached to a Forms button. Each time you
click the button, the macro will toggle to the next of three different views of the table: seeing
the entire table’s detail, seeing totals only by clothing item, or seeing totals only by month.
To get started, press Alt+F11 to go to the Visual Basic Editor.
From the VBE menu, click Insert Module.
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