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Make sure the button is totally within column A, as indicated in Figure 13-25. Right-click the
button and select Edit Text.
figurE 13-25
Change the button’s caption to SHOW ALL as seen in Figure 13-26.
figurE 13-26
Select any cell to deselect the button. Click the button once and nothing will change on the
sheet because all the columns and rows are already visible. You’ll see that the button’s
caption changed to MONTH TOTALS. If you click the button again, you’ll see the month
names listed in column A, and their totals listed in column G. The button’s caption will read
ITEM TOTALS. Click the button again and you’ll see the clothing items named in row 5,
and their totals listed in row 18. The button’s caption reads SHOW ALL, and if you click the
button again, all rows and columns will be shown.
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