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Hiding the PivotTable Field List
Hiding the pivotTable field list
For now, you are done with the PivotTable Field List, so to clear it off your screen, you can click the
“X” close button on its title bar, click its Ribbon icon on the PivotTable Tools Option tab, or you
can right-click anywhere on the PivotTable area and select Hide Field List, as shown in Figure 15-6.
When you want to see the Field List again, click the Field List Ribbon icon, or right-click anywhere
on the PivotTable area again and select Show Field List.
figurE 15-6
using the report filter Area
Above the PivotTable’s Report area, you see a small filter-looking icon in cell I2, in what is called
the Report Filter area. The Item field name was dragged to that area in Step 1 of the process that
created this PivotTable. If you click the filter icon (clearly seen in Figure 15-8), you’ll see a unique
list of clothing items, of which you can select one or several in order to have the PivotTable show
only the data relating to the item(s) you select. In Figure 15-7, I selected the Hats item, and in
Figure 15-8, you can see how the PivotTable adjusts itself to show only the columns and rows where
data is present for the sale of hats.
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