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Creating a PivotChart
crEATing A piVoTcHArT
Creating a PivotChart is very easy, only
requiring an extra mouse click. You can create a
PivotChart using either of two methods. One
method is right from the start, when you first
indicate to Excel that you want to create a
new PivotTable. The other method is to create
a PivotChart after you have already created a
In Figure 15-15, notice that you can click the
arrow on the lower half of the PivotTable icon
on the Ribbon’s Insert tab, where an option is
there for you to select PivotChart. If you want a
PivotChart with your new PivotTable, just select
the PivotChart option, and a PivotChart will be
created as you build your PivotTable in the
PivotTable Field List.
figurE 15-15
If you create a PivotTable and later decide you’d like a PivotChart to go along with it, you can select
any cell in the PivotTable, click the Options tab in the PivotTable Tools section of the Ribbon, and
click the PivotChart icon as indicated in Figure 15-16. You will see the Insert Chart dialog box
appear, where you would select your preferred chart type. In Figure 15-17 I selected the Clustered
Column chart type, and then I clicked OK. The result is a PivotChart tied to the PivotTable as
shown in Figure 15-18.
figurE 15-16
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