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Adding a Description to the Insert Function Dialog
Function dialog is a good place to help people understand
how to enter your UDFs, especially because this dialog is
how some users enter functions, and each UDF has its own
unique entry requirements.
Figure 16-4 shows a typical Insert Function dialog, where
your publicly or non-declared UDFs will appear in the Select
a Function pane when the User Defined category is selected.
I’ve selected the ExtractNumbers function, but no help is
available for someone who has never seen this UDF and
would not know how to properly enter the function.
In two easy steps, here’s how you can provide a helpful tip
for entering a UDF from the Insert Function dialog:
figurE 16-4
Press Alt+F8 to call the Macro dialog. In the Macro Name field, enter the function name, for
example, ExtractNumbers as shown in Figure 16-5. Next, click the Options button.
figurE 16-5
In the Description field of the Macro Options dialog, enter a brief description of how to enter
this UDF. As partially shown in Figure 16-6, I entered the following description and
confirmed it by clicking OK and exiting the Macro dialog:
Example UDF entry:
where cell A2 contains the original alphanumeric string.
figurE 16-6
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