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And that’s all there is to it. Now if you go back to the Insert Function dialog and select the
ExtractNumbers UDF, a description appears as shown in Figure 16-7, providing the users with a
useful tip for how to enter the UDF.
figurE 16-7
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In this lesson you practice creating a User Defined Function that tests whether a particular cell
contains a comment. If so, it returns the text of that comment; if not, it returns “No comment.”
lesson requirements
To get the sample database files, you can download Lesson 16 from the book’s website at .
Create a UDF to examine another cell’s comment.
From your keyboard press Alt+F11 to get into the VBE, and from the menu bar click Insert
Enter the function name, declare an argument variable for a Range type because a cell will be
evaluated, and declare the Function type as String because the UDF will return text of some
kind. For example:
Function GetComment(rng As Range) As String
Declare a String type variable to handle either the comment text, or the “No comment”
statement. For example:
Dim strText As String
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