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Weapons of Mass Debugging
figurE 17-4
When programming mathematical and logical operations, it’s always a good idea
to test your code by comparing the output of your VBA results with the output
from an independent source.
WEApons of MAss dEBugging
Now that you know what kinds of bugs are lurking in the shadows and how they can bite your
code, you can fight back with several excellent debugging tools that are found in the Visual Basic
Editor. Your best defense starts with information about the weapons in your debugging arsenal and
how they are used.
The debugging Toolbar
The Debugging toolbar is a handy item to display and keep docked onto your VBE menu bar. To
show the Debugging toolbar, from the VBE menu click View Toolbars Debug as shown in
Figure 17-5.
The Debugging toolbar typically contains 13 icons, some of which you are already familiar with.
Figure 17-6 shows the toolbar and the names of the icons, and the following sections describe
their uses.
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