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Adding Controls to a UserForm
Once you click the Toolbox’s TextBox icon, you add a TextBox control by drawing it onto the
UserForm’s design area, just as you did when you added the Label control. Figure 18-11 shows the
drawn TextBox, positioned below the Label, and having a reasonably sufficient width to accept and
display a person’s name. Meanwhile, as you can see in Figure 18-11, the Frame icon is about to be
selected in preparation for placing a Frame control onto your UserForm.
figurE 18-11
Figure 18-12 shows your just-drawn Frame control with its default caption of “Frame1.” Frames
are a good way to group other controls visually by containment, usually with an underlying theme.
In the case of this UserForm example, the company’s position titles will be contained in such a way
that the user can select only one.
figurE 18-12
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