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figurEĀ 19-4
A ListBox displays a list of items and lets you select one or more. ListBoxes are fairly versatile in
their display of information, and their options for allowing you to select one, many, or all listed
Suppose you want to list all 12 months of the year, so any particular month can be selected to
perhaps run a report for income and expenses during that month. You might also want the flexibility
to run a single report that includes activity for any combinations of months. The ListBox control
is an excellent choice because its MultiSelect property can be set to allow just one item, or
multiple items, to be selected. Figure 19-5 shows an example of how you can control the way the items
appear with the ListStyle property, and selection options for your ListBox (allow only one, or
more than one item to be selected) with the MultiSelect property.
figurEĀ 19-5
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