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Naturally, to enable a control that’s been disabled, change the False statement to True , which you
can handle in a separate procedure, or in one single procedure with a line of code that toggles the
Enabled property using the Not statement. The following example shows how to do this:
Private Sub CommandButton4_Click()
Dim FrmControl As Control
For Each FrmControl In Frame1.Controls
FrmControl.Enabled = Not FrmControl.Enabled
Next FrmControl
End Sub
A MultiPage control is like having a set of tabbed folders that each contain information and
controls that would be too voluminous to it comfortably within the UserForm’s interface. Figure 19-14
shows an example of how a MultiPage control can come in handy when a lot of information is being
sought from the workbook’s users about their viewing preferences.
figurE 19-14
The MultiPage control has a collection of Page objects that are each dedicated to a theme. You can
right-click a tab to add a new page, delete the page you right-clicked, rename the page’s caption, or
move the page. MultiPage controls are a terrific way to maximize the space on your UserForm with
a smart, organized look and feel.
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