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Lesson 20: Advanced UserForms
advanced userForms
Lesson 18 introduced you to UserForms and showed how to add controls to your form.
Lesson 19 provided several examples of UserForms with frequently used controls to help
you gather and store information. This lesson takes an expanded look at how you can get
more out of UserForms by tapping into their capacity for supporting some interesting and
useful operations.
THE usErforM ToolBAr
In the Visual Basic Editor, there’s a handy toolbar for
working with UserForms, aptly named the UserForm
toolbar, shown in Figure 20-1. To display it in the VBE,
from the menu bar click View Toolbars UserForm.
Bring To Front
Same Size
The UserForm toolbar has eight features:
Send To Back
Bring to Front — Brings the selected control to the
front of the other controls.
figurE 20-1
Send to Back — Sends the selected control to the back of the other controls.
Group — Groups the selected controls.
Ungroup — Ungroups the selected grouped controls.
Alignments — The small drop-down arrow to the right of the Alignments icon provides
options for aligning the selected controls by their Rights, Lefts, Centers, Tops, Middles,
Bottoms, and To Grid.
Centering — Centers the selected controls horizontally or vertically on the UserForm.
Same Size — Sizes the selected controls to be of the same Height, Width, or Both.
Zoom — Displays the UserForm as a zoomed percentage of its normal size.
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