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The rest of the code goes into the ThisWorkbook module. It instantiates the grpCBX object and is
refreshed each time the workbook opens by utilizing the Workbook_Open event.
Public myControls As Collection
Private Sub Workbook_Open()
Dim oleCtl As OLEObject, ctl As Class2
Set myControls = New Collection
For Each oleCtl In Worksheets(“Sheet1”).OLEObjects
If TypeOf oleCtl.Object Is MSForms.CheckBox Then
Set ctl = New Class1
Set ctl.grpCBX = oleCtl.Object
myControls.Add ctl
End If
End Sub
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In this lesson you create a class module to handle the Click event of some of the OptionButtons on
a UserForm, purposely not involving all OptionButtons in the class.
lesson requirements
For this lesson, you design a simple UserForm with eight OptionButtons, of which only five will be
a part of a class module that identifies which OptionButton by name and caption was clicked. To
get the sample database files, you can download Lesson 21 from the book’s website at http://www .
Open a new workbook.
Press Alt+F11 to get into the Visual Basic Editor.
From the menu bar, click Insert UserForm, and size the UserForm to a Height of 200 and a
Width of 400 .
Draw a Label control near the top-left corner of your UserForm, and caption it as
OptionButtons In Class Module .
Draw a Label control near the top-right corner of your UserForm and caption it as Other
OptionButtons . Figure 21-8 shows how your UserForm should look so far.
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