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figurE 21-8
Under the first Label control, draw a vertical column of five OptionButtons. A fast way to do
this is to draw one OptionButton, and then copy and paste it four times. Change the captions
of those five OptionButtons to Apples , Bananas , Peaches , Grapes , and Oranges , as shown in
Figure 21-9.
figurE 21-9
Paste three more OptionButtons below the second Label control. Change the captions of those
three OptionButtons to Plums, Pears, and Tangerines. You now have eight OptionButtons
on your UserForm, all with different captions that are the names of fruits. The actual VBA
names of the eight OptionButtons have not changed — they all are still named by default as
OptionButton1, OptionButton2, and so on, to OptionButton8. For example, if you were to
select the OptionButton that is captioned Oranges, you would see in its Properties window that
it is named OptionButton5. Figure 21-10 shows how your UserForm looks at this point.
figurE 21-10
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