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Creating a QueryTable for Access
Private Declare Function IsNetworkAlive Lib “Sensapi” _
(lpdwFlags As Long) As Long
Sub IsConnection()
If IsNetworkAlive(lngAlive) = 1 Then
MsgBox “You are connected to the internet.”
MsgBox “Connection to the internet not found.”
End If
End Sub
There is another example in the Try It section that leads you in a step-by-step
process of creating a Web query.
crEATing A quEryTABlE for AccEss
In upcoming lessons you learn about importing and exporting data between Excel and Access, using
VBA and a technology called Structured Query Language, or SQL. Because this lesson deals with
external data, you might be interested to know how to quickly, albeit manually, import an Access
table directly to your worksheet.
Click the Data tab on the Ribbon, and find the Get External Data section at the far left. Click the
leftmost icon that is labeled From Access as shown in Figure 23-3.
You will see the Select Data Source dialog box. Navigate to the folder holding your Access database,
select the folder, and also select the name of the database file. Click the Open button as shown in
Figure 23-4.
figurE 23-3
figurE 23-4
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