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Lesson 26: Overview of Office Automation from Excel
overview of office automation
from excel
As you may recall from Lesson 1, Visual Basic for Applications is a programming language
created by Microsoft to automate operations in applications that support it, such as Excel.
VBA is also the language that manipulates Microsoft Office applications in Access, Word,
PowerPoint, and Outlook. So far, the focus of this topic has been on running VBA from
Excel, for the purpose of acting directly upon Excel in some way.
This section shows how to control other Office applications from Excel, using the same VBA
programming language with which you are now familiar, but using a different set of
methods and statements with which those other Office applications are familiar. The reasons for
interacting with other Office applications might not be for the purpose of changing your Excel
workbook application, but they will always be for the purpose of making your workbook
projects more robust, versatile, and easier to use when the situation calls for it.
WHy AuToMATE AnoTHEr ApplicATion?
In the dawn of this modern era of personal computers, it was rare that two or more separate
applications were able to communicate with each other. For two applications to share the
same information, you usually had to retype the information manually into the other
application that needed it. Today, thanks to the advances of drag and drop, and copy and paste, it has
become a simple matter to share data across many applications.
The business of Excel is to perform calculations and analyze data. You can enter and edit text in
Excel, but it is not a word processor. You can build data tables and compare their information,
but Excel is not a relational database application. You can create charts and graphics in Excel but
they cannot be presented in a sophisticated slide show format. You can send a workbook through
e-mail but Excel cannot manage your calendar or incoming e-mails the way an e-mail client can.
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