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‘Declare a variable for what will be the PowerPoint object.
‘Set the object to late binding by using the CreateObject method.
Dim appPPT As Object
Set appPPT = CreateObject(“PowerPoint.Application”)
‘Make sure you include the command to make the application visible.
appPPT.Visible = True
‘Open the PowerPoint file.
appPPT.Presentations.Open Filename:=myPath & myFileName & myExtension
End Sub
Press Alt+Q to return to the worksheet. Press Alt+F8 to show the macro dialog box, and
test the macro by selecting the macro name and clicking the Run button.
To get the sample database files, you can download Lesson 26 from the book’s website at .
To view the video that accompanies this lesson, please select Lesson 26, available
at the following website: .
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