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Controlling Other Office Applications from Excel
interface with user-friendly menus and informational pop-up boxes to guide your novice users
throughout their activities in the workbook. You might be surprised at how un-Excel-looking an
Excel workbook can be, with VBA providing a visually comfortable and interactive experience for
users unfamiliar with Excel, enabling them to get their work done. Figure 1-1 shows an example of
accomplishing this with UserForms, which are discussed in Lessons 18, 19, and 20.
figurE 1-1
controlling other office Applications from Excel
If you create narrative reports in Word that require an embedded list of data from Excel, or if you
need to import a table from Access into an Excel worksheet, VBA can automate the process. VBA is
the programming language for Microsoft’s other Office applications, enabling you to write macros in
Excel to perform tasks in those other applications, with the users being none the wiser that they ever
left Excel while the macro was running.
As you can imagine, the list of advantages to using VBA could ill a city telephone book. The point
is, there are sure to be tasks in your everyday dealings with Excel that can be accomplished more
quickly and efficiently with VBA, and this topic will show you how.
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