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Shortcut Key
it, you are not actually running a macro yet. All you’ll be doing is displaying the Macro dialog box,
from which you can run a macro but also edit and examine macros.
In versions later than 2003, the button to click is more logically labeled Macros, as shown in
Figure 2-17.
figurE 2-17
Regardless of the Excel version, pressing Alt+F8 displays the Macro dialog
box — no mouse clicks needed.
Figure 2-18 shows the Macro dialog box with the one
and only mySort macro listed. As you create more
macros in this workbook, their names will be listed
in the Macro dialog box in alphabetical order. To run
your macro, select its name in the list and click the
Run button as indicated by the black arrows. You
could also run the macro by double-clicking its name
in the list.
shortcut key
Recall that you assigned the shortcut key
Ctrl+Shift+S to this macro at the start of the macro
recording process. Because you did that, you do not
need to bother with the Macro dialog box if you
don’t want to; you can run the mySort macro simply
by pressing Ctrl+Shift+S.
figurE 2-18
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