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Exiting the VBE
Following those steps, the Object Browser will look like Figure 3-5, with the black arrows pointing
to what you clicked. If you click the green Workbook link at the bottom, the Object Browser will
take you to the Workbook class, and display the properties and methods for Workbook .
figurE 3-5
With a class or member item selected, you can click the yellow Question Mark icon at the top of the
Object Browser to be taken to the Help file for that selected item.
The Object Browser has a Search feature in the drop-down field to the left of the Binoculars icon. If
you type a term you are interested in and click the Binoculars icon, the associated members of that
term will be displayed for the selected library.
To exit the Object Browser, click the lower of the two “X” close buttons near the top-right corner of
the VBE.
To exit the VBE and return to the worksheets, you can either press Alt+Q, or click the topmost “X”
close button at the top-right corner of the VBE.
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