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Lesson 4: Working in the VBE
Working in the VBe
In Lesson 3, you took a bird’s eye view of the Visual Basic Editor, and you became familiar
with the names and locations of its most frequently used windows. In this lesson, you navigate
through those VBE windows for the purpose of demonstrating how to handle the kinds of
maintenance tasks you will often encounter in the VBE.
ToolBArs in THE VBE
The first thing you may have noticed about
the VBE interface is that there is no Ribbon.
The traditional VBE menu bar is pretty much
the same interface for all versions of Excel
a f t er 199 7.
Because you will be spending more time
in the VBE, you’ll want convenient access
to the toolbar icons relating to the work
you’ll be doing. If you have not already
done so, press Alt+F11 to get into the VBE,
and show the Edit and Standard toolbars
whose icons will soon come in handy.
From the menu at the top of the VBE, click
View Toolbars Edit and again View
Toolbars Standard, as depicted in
Figure 4-1.
figurE  4-1
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