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Deleting a Module
deleting a Module
An entire module can be deleted, and it’s wise to keep your projects uncluttered of unused module
objects if they have served their purpose and will no longer hold any macros. To delete a module,
right-click the module name in the Project Explorer, and from the pop-up menu, click Remove
[module name] as shown in Figure 4-9.
figurE 4-9
You will be prompted with a message to
confirm your intentions, along with a
question as to whether you want to export your
module elsewhere. In very remote instances
you will need to export a module, but
personally, I have never come across a need to
do that. Although the default button on
the message is Yes, click the No button as
shown in Figure 4-10 to confirm the deletion
of that module.
figurE 4-10
locking And proTEcTing THE VBE
The beauty of macros is that when they are properly constructed, you can count on them to do their
job. The last thing you want is for another user of your workbook to wander into the Visual Basic
Editor by mistake, and make any kind of keystroke in a Code window. Especially when other people
are using your workbook, you will want to protect your code.
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