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Adjusting column/row height and formatting
Adjusting column/row height and formatting
When viewing a datasheet, you will find that some
presentation features, such as the font or color, apply to the entire row,
while other features , such as alignment, apply to each
individual column. There are two principal techniques that can be
used to format datasheets. First, in the Access options, you can
set a default style for all datasheets (the options here are fairly
restrictive); second, you can tailor and adapt the presentation of
an individual datasheet.
Adjust row height
1 Click the row, and drag down to the desired height.
TIP When the row is selected, right-click and select Row
Height. This allows you to enter a numeric value for the row
Adjust column width
1 Click the column, and drag across to the desired width.
TIP If you double-click the right edge of a column, it
automatically resizes to display the data it contains.
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