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Displaying more information with the Zoom box
Displaying more information with the Zoom box
The Zoom box is useful when space on a layout is at a premium
and you need to see all the information, or when you need to
enter information that will be split over multiple lines.
The font option in the Zoom box also allows you to increase the
font size to more clearly display the data.
Display information with a Zoom box
1 Click the desired field, and press Shift+F2.
2 In the Zoom box, click the Font button to adjust the font.
Press Ctrl+Enter to add a line break in the text.
TIP Within a large text field, pressing Ctrl+Enter will insert a
new line of text. Also, if you change the font in the Zoom box,
Access will remember the new font size when you next display the
Zoom box, until the database is closed.
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