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Selecting all columns from a table
Selecting all columns from a table
A query allows you to choose information from one or more
sources, which could be either tables or other queries, and link
your choices together to present your final results. The query
design tool offers several methods for selecting your fields.
fields to the underlying table. Using TableName.* ensures that
a query will include all fields from the underlying table, at the
expense of being less efficient because it might include fields
that you do not intend to use. However, if additional fields are
later added to the underlying table, they will be shown
automatically in the query results.
One key choice in how you construct a query is whether it will
automatically include any new changes, such as adding new
Select all columns from a table
1 Click the Create tab.
2 Click Query Design.
3 Click the table name in the Show Table popup window.
4 Click Add.
5 Close the Show Table popup window.
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TIP To return to design view while viewing the data in the
datasheet, click the Design View option in the View button
drop-down list. The View button allows you to switch between working
on your design and displaying the results.
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